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The Healing Journey

The Healing Journey

Kim Barta is an internationally known psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His ground breaking techniques in healing serious trauma are based on years of research and experience with treating mental health issues in a variety of cultures and communities.

All Things Connected With Dr Julie Krull

Julie’s passionate belief in connected consciousness embraces the core understanding that we are not separate from the creative intelligence that designed the universe. The imperative is to embody this conscious integration for an enhanced mutual destiny.

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How to Thrive in the Future

The Futurist Journey

We bring to our life’s journey the operating system and innate intelligence to unlock the core and succeed at any endeavor we may embrace. To thrive in business and in life is to see the essence of the journey as continual discovery and learning – always being a work in progress.


Living Practices

Living Practice

Together we make a beginning into this vast territory of discovering, experimenting, and refining as we proceed. Living practice is forever a work-in-progress. As we internalize and integrate any practice, we discover in our unique way what works for us as we become better in the process of life and living.

The Essence of Care and The Practice of Essencing

The practice of generating an essence with intention and value is asserting an innate human capacity to bring to life the qualities and virtues that should naturally flow between humans and uplift all aspects of our time on this planet.


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The Ring of Valiance

With our unconscious mind as an access point to limitless consciousness, the imagery and symbolism in our dreams become a new visual language of insights, understanding, and unfolding transformation. Here we take a deeper look at the remarkable nature of the unconscious mind and the experience of lucid dreaming.

In Portal Three: Lucid Dreams

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Is it possible to come together, as a community of kindred spirits across the globe, to create an ongoing exchange around the ideas, discoveries, and practices that can enable us all to be participants in the emergence of the future?


Portals Podcast

The Portals of Perception PodcastPortals has launched its conversations in a podcast format on all the major channels. We'll be publishing the full-length recordings so the entire exploration will be accessible with a single click. It's now easier than ever to take us with you! And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The ability to move or inspire a listener doesn’t come from technical skill or a particular setting; it’s what’s inside the artist and the music.

Discover Essence Music: The Emergence of a Collective Agency

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Every journey begins with a question

portals of perception

Who are we becoming?

Who can we become?

And how do we navigate our way through the unknown?