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What is Healing?

What is Healing?

In this conversation, Aviv Shahar is joined by two practitioners with extensive experience in the process of restoration, wholeness, and healing:  Lonny Jarrett, author, scholar, and teacher of East Asian medicine, and Alexander Love, an acupuncturist, life coach, and cranial-sacral therapist, who brings a unique integration of modalities.

Current Openings #9: The Emotion Problem

Emotions can uplift and heal and transform a life or relationship. They can also inflict and become self-destructive; lead us to either our salvation or downfall. Some people believe the emotion plays a central role in human evolution. Why is an energy so powerful and personal often so unpredictable and seemingly hard to manage?

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Portals Inquiry

The Cosmology of the Portals Inquiry

A guiding inquiry on Portals is that a new future — new universal upgrade and uplift — is pressing in and finding expression at the edge of our perception and experience. Where? The conversations offer a clue, a map, to how new intelligence and expanding awareness are transforming many aspects of our world. 


Living Practices

Living Practice

Together we make a beginning into this vast territory of discovering, experimenting, and refining as we proceed. Living practice is forever a work-in-progress. As we internalize and integrate any practice, we discover in our unique way what works for us as we become better in the process of life and living.

Generating an Essence: A Practice

With the practice of essence generation, we begin to rediscover and reconnect to the natural creative potential that is the birthright of every person. Practical steps demonstrate how we can use our innate higher capacities to generate care, patience, healing, and love.


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CO Event - Part 2

Polarity Practices: The Third Vector

These special practices offer simple and highly effective steps to overcome and neutralize the biggest obstacles to a deeper natural human development: the polarities we see all around us every day.

In Portal One: The Third Vector

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Is it possible to come together, as a community of kindred spirits across the globe, to create an ongoing exchange around the ideas, discoveries, and practices that can enable us all to be participants in the emergence of the future?


Portals Podcast

The Portals of Perception Podcast

Portals has launched its conversations in a podcast format on all the major channels. We'll be publishing the full-length recordings so the entire exploration will be accessible with a single click. It's now easier than ever to take us with you! And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Portals brought together a group of accomplished musicians for a series of experiments with sound and form and frequency. What role can music play in elevating and even transforming a human life and humanity?

Discover Music: An Exploratory Space

Music: An Exploratory Space

Every journey begins with a question

portals of perception

Who are we becoming?

Who can we become?

And how do we navigate our way through the unknown?