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Journeying to Source with Grace Boda & Jeff Vander Clute

It remains one of the most powerful and personal callings for someone on a quest for transformation and inspiration: the pilgrimage — a journey to what are believed to be sources of connection to the sacred or divine, the holy places.

Why do people all over the planet from nearly every tradition take up these sometimes arduous adventures of spiritual devotion? What do they hope for?

In this conversation we hear from two Portals friends who recently completed what some people might call the pilgrimage of a lifetime, to the source high in the Himalayas of the sacred Ganges River, in Hindu belief the home of the Goddess Ganga. Jeff Vander Clute and Grace Boda share with Aviv Shahar the feelings and power of their pilgrimage to this divine source.

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Portals Into the Soul invites us to realize the soul wants us to be fulfilled — to live a life as closely aligned as possible to the greater connections, intelligence and qualities that are the human’s universal birthright.

Through a contemplative inquiry process, we can open a living conversation with the soul and its many facets and capabilities.

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The Homo Universalis Project #8 - Partnering with the Universe

As we have been exploring in the Homo Universalis Project series, we can trace the influence of the spectrum and seven-fold principle on the growth and evolution of the human species throughout history. This epoch of time can be seen as a natural progression through the spectrum, red through violet, with each frequency influencing civilization, culture, and human behavior in a different way.

This episode is Open Access: Partnering with the Universe 

The Art of Inquiry

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