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Internal Human Orchestra Work (IHOW) #1 - Locating the Three Octaves

This is the first in a new Portals series of practices designed to bring healing, balance and harmony to the busy, noisy and sometimes stressful lives that many of us may feel at one time or another. Think of the series, Internal Human Orchestra Work (IHOW), as “tuning” our inner instruments — the energies, qualities and finer lives — that together produce the symphony a human life can be.

These are easy steps that can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. Join Aviv Shahar, Rita Lampen, Beth Simpson, and Eleni Makri for this exploration into the aligning of the whole self.

Portals Into the Soul

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We hope there is interest in creating and joining a rare opportunity of embarking on this year-long journey with friends who are interested to decode and metabolize this new revelatory work as it emerges. Imagine making this part of your 2024 voyage by participating in a Portals Into the Soul exploration pod.

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The Homo Universalis Project #5 - The Evolution of Knowledge

As we have been exploring in the Homo Universalis Project series, we are at another key point in evolutionary progress where new capacities are coming online that enable the human to express more of its universal nature and pedigree. What does this mean for the evolution of knowledge? Enjoy this excerpt >>>

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Trauma to Trancendence

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In Search of Wholeness

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How to Love and Evolve

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The Next Renaissance, Part 1

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ET #2 - What Holds Us Back?

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The 1000 Faces of Homo Universalis

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The Occult of Polarization

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The Universalis Project

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