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Current Openings #16 - The Octave Leap Mystery

"Why is this a gradated universe, with an octave followed by another octave followed by another octave? Why is this part of the engineering?", asks Aviv Shahar in this week's episode.

What is the benefit of an ordered transition or progression from one state to another? For example, from the physical and dense to the energetic and spiritual? The universe likes octaves; it’s the engineering that facilitates change and innovation.

How does it work? Can we really “leap” from a lower octave to a higher one? We turn for insights to Aviv Shahar and collaborator David Price Francis. Their conversation is the latest in the “Current Openings” series.

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Portals Into the Soul invites us to realize the soul wants us to be fulfilled — to live a life as closely aligned as possible to the greater connections, intelligence and qualities that are the human’s universal birthright.

Through a contemplative inquiry process, we can open a living conversation with the soul and its many facets and capabilities.

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IHOW #3: Integrating Contraction and Expansion

This is the third in a new Portals series of practices designed to bring healing, balance and relief to the busy, noisy and sometimes stressful lives that many of us may feel at one time or another. Think of the series, Internal Human Orchestra Work (IHOW), as “tuning” our inner instruments — the energies, qualities and finer lives — that together produce the symphony a human life can be.

The Art of Inquiry

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