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The Purpose Tethered Life

The Purpose Tethered Life

If we feel a sense of purpose, is it self-chosen with intention, or a blueprint for conformity influenced by our family, religion, or culture? Instead of fixing a definition, what if we think of purpose as a living process, an open-ended journey of discovery toward meaning that continually reveals itself.

The Future of Education

In this conversation, educators Karol Wilczynska and Orla Kelleher share their vision for the future of education, along with practical steps to help transform the school learning experience into a regenerative force for humanity.

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How to Thrive in the Future

The Futurist Journey

We bring to our life’s journey the operating system and innate intelligence to unlock the core and succeed at any endeavor we may embrace. To thrive in business and in life is to see the essence of the journey as continual discovery and learning – always being a work in progress.


Living Practices

Living Practice

Together we make a beginning into this vast territory of discovering, experimenting, and refining as we proceed. Living practice is forever a work-in-progress. As we internalize and integrate any practice, we discover in our unique way what works for us as we become better in the process of life and living.

The Four Practice Zones

In this conversation, teacher and consultant Grace Boda joins Aviv Shahar to look at physical, mental, and spiritual practices that energize personal and collective development, the search for deeper meaning, and the mission to bring real change to humanity and the planet.


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The Ring of Valiance

Valiance is part of the natural strength and resilience found in the true inner nature of all humans. Consider a ring of valiance: a global network of people with shared value for a natural character of courage and fortitude, and the platform of possibility it would offer to a better future. In Portal One: The Ring of Valiance

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Is it possible to come together, as a community of kindred spirits across the globe, to create an ongoing exchange around the ideas, discoveries, and practices that can enable us all to be participants in the emergence of the future?


Portals Podcast

The Portals of Perception PodcastPortals has launched its conversations in a podcast format on all the major channels. We'll be publishing the full-length recordings so the entire exploration will be accessible with a single click. It's now easier than ever to take us with you! And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The ability to move or inspire a listener doesn’t come from technical skill or a particular setting; it’s what’s inside the artist and the music.

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Every journey begins with a question

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Who are we becoming?

Who can we become?

And how do we navigate our way through the unknown?