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The Homo Universalis Project #7 - The Epoch Story

What if we were to look at human history with new eyes and maybe a radically different outlook; not as events and cultures frozen in time, but as part of the purposeful flow of evolution that is ongoing and accelerating - revealing the meaning of our planetary past.

We speak often on Portals of the Universal human, Homo Universalis, as part of an emerging evolutionary upgrade and our unfolding future. But when and how did the journey to universal life actually begin? This is where a trace of the human experience with new perception can offer deeper understanding of the epoch now culminating.

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June 1st: The Ghost - A Compensatory Act

Many have experienced a painful separation from their vital flow and inner harmony. What can trigger and bring about separation from the fullness of trust, connectedness, and bliss; the sense of belonging, love, and peace?

Come join Aviv Shahar for a participative, experiential discovery into the nature of the soul.


May 11th: Friendship Café at Portals

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The Homo Universalis Project #7 - The Epoch Story

As we have been exploring in the Homo Universalis Project series, we can trace the influence of the spectrum and seven-fold principle on the growth and evolution of the human species throughout history. This epoch of time can be seen as a natural progression through the spectrum, red through violet, with each frequency influencing civilization, culture, and human behavior in a different way.

In Portal Two: The Epoch Story

The Art of Inquiry

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The Five Selves

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The Four Development Zones

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Choosing Our Families

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What is Healing #2

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