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The Homo Universalis Project #4 -  Space-Making and Loom Work Application

How often do we stop to appreciate just how practical the universal can be?

We’ve explored on Portals the new awareness and capacities being brought online with the activation of Homo Universalis, the universal human, part of the new evolutionary energy feeling its way into the human species. The new inner technology and intelligence are meant to be applied to every corner of our lives; we evolve as a whole person. Relationships, communities, businesses — all can be elevated and transformed.

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Choosing Our Families

How often do we feel the people closest to us emotionally or energetically — though not related by blood or marriage — are actually our real family? We know the saying “You can’t choose your family,” usually meant humorously, but what if we can choose our family, in all the ways that have consequence, meaning and value for our lives?

We’re not referring to bloodline or DNA. It’s the special relationships — family formed from the bonds, exchange, and shared space of new possibility created when people come together in mutual purpose and vision. How does it happen? It begins with the very real connections among all humans.

Evolving Together #3

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The Homo Universalis Project #4 - Space-Making and Loom Work Application

This conversation is the fourth episode in a new Portals series on the Universalis Project: exploring the many ways that a wave of evolutionary change is transforming humanity and the planet we call home, and the appearance of a new human model. Enjoy this excerpt >>>

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