What Inspires Us

Portals of Perception for me has become the invitation to step through this door and be welcomed by a space in which people can meet their strengths and – sometimes hitherto undiscovered – talents. To experience a belonging to the greater human family, where the best of all people, all ages, can merge to form a connective community, fashioning the hope of the future.

Emmy Schaling

A new trajectory has been developing in the human race since it first seemed to appear, somewhat crudely, in the Sixties. That upsurge was like an unfettered need to break free from the conventions of history with a spirited resolve to address this great life on Earth differently. I feel that that exploration continues today, and I really like how Portals is offering a focus for it to develop. Many spirited people feel the possibility that this life and the human capability is far greater than what we have told ourselves to date; it’s good to see so many other people pushing for this new, important and spiritually unchartered change of direction.

Jerry Pike

Portals opens a window to old and new friends to share what they care about. The conversations offer a vast and deep perspective about our time and the profound changes happening in the world, including in each human. This meeting place between the young and old generation, conversations, songs and art, theory and practicality, audios and live events, is enriching and provides a vantage point to a possible better future.

Rivka Zehavi-Zack

It is very encouraging and eye-opening to see so many people engaging in an open inquiry into matters of human consciousness and connections. I have been particularly inspired by the warmth of Aviv Shahar, his attentive listening and the wide range of his insights, and also by the intimacy among the participants of this community, which is abundantly present in the various unrehearsed conversations.

Sofia Papanastasatou

A lot of people feel and sense this is a special time for the planet and the human race; big, universal change and upgrade are appearing, with real possibility for a regenerative future. The Portals conversations offer great insights from many different people and perspectives on ways we can be more conscious and creative, make a difference, and help liberate this emerging future.


Patrick Summers

The Portals of Perception site is for me an open window through which communications between people and signals from the future find a home. The conversations are thought provoking and there is the sense that the voices of Portals are dedicated people, open, sensitive and trained to decode the new currents of information flowing in. It is great and hopeful that such a beacon exists in the world.

Pilar Ospina Spacca

Listening to and partaking in Portals’ conversations and events is electrifying; they reveal original perceptions, throw new light on the human story, and fill me with hope. They are a crucible wherein spirituality, emerging intelligence and practical common-sense merge into an updated human response of care, a new Portal that transcends humility and confidence, feminine and masculine, individuality and community. Through this overview all things make meaning and are connected.

Kyriaki Nikandrou

Portals for me is an exploration into the emerging evolutionary newness in all domains of human development, from spirituality to healing and education; it is an attempt to better perceive the potential latent within the powerful wave of change that is washing over the planet and its human citizenship.

Avshalom Zack

Amidst the great expansion of connection there emerges a need to sift through this mass of information. How do I perceive new truth? How can I gather with new friends, who will help me assay, weigh, talk and struggle with me to figure it out? The great question is, 'What the hell is really going on?' Who will dare challenge deep-lodged habits and assumptions, and open the eyes to new perceptions? Those who thirst for truth and friendship, those who want refinement and quality in their lives, will find it here.

Perry Martin

A journey is often looked at as a path to greater consciousness, and I sometimes think that greater consciousness means to say what I believe out loud, to speak of it often with myself and with as many people as possible. In this can be the rich cross-pollination of my search with the fruits of the journey's of others, where each life is touched in an indelible way. In Portals I see this possibility expanded across the world whereby our consciousness can grow in this web of mutuality and belief in what is possible for all of us.

Peter Barry