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Test-drive the future

How do we form committed, conscious communities or collectives to test abstract concepts?

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The figure of the ghost

We often tend to bring our past into the future, rather than create something new.

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Facing trauma

Trauma is a memory system that sensitizes us to certain experiences - but memories can be rewritten.

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The hero’s journey

Every life is a hero's journey, and our traumatic experiences can diminish that understanding in us.

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Healing trauma

One of the ways we can heal ourselves is to consciously rewrite our feelings and views about specific emotional triggers.

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Conductive midwifing

Setting an ecology: realizing we should never again try to do anything without first setting the appropriate ecology inside which what we seek to accomplish becomes possible.

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Who’s in charge?

The human brain has open-ended potential, capable of creating new circuitries and connections.

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We have a choice

Imagine a process of healing that is powerful enough to restore wellbeing and transform a life, a family, a community.

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Life is an inquiry

Is there a role for the “self” in a life that strives to express the highest potential of its human design?

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The space making challenge

The Universalis Project a new series exploring the waves of evolutionary change transforming humanity.

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Life Speaking – A Song

Life Speaking, Song and Lyrics by Aud Wilken. A universal sense that will allow us to feel the flow of life.

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