The conversations highlighted on this page are ongoing Portals explorations and researches into subjects that both fascinate us and feel important to these current times and what is unfolding. Join us in this discovery process.

The Current Openings Series

What are the unexplored possibilities inherent in our human design? Where exactly have we lost the way of living to the greater potential of being human? What is it that we humans do not quite get yet?

The Epoch Journey

What are some new ways to appreciate the unfolding story of humanity? Why does it feel at times as though humanity is regressing? What is an epoch and what might be the evolutionary function of this moment of transition?

Evolving Together

How do we grow and evolve together? What is our true co-creative potential? How can we help each other unlock unrealized dimensions of the self?  It takes a few seconds of watching the news to realize that we have not done very well as humanity in forming effective and sustainable collectives. 

The Homo Universalis Project

How are humans evolving at this time? How might the complex and unpredictable nature of the meta-crisis be a birthing crucible for new permissions and developments, urging us to make yet another evolutionary leap towards becoming a more universal human?

What Is Healing?

What is the nature of the healing process? How do we become agents of healing? What ways and practices can help liberate latent healing powers in all of us? In this series we explore these inquiries and the path into wholeness and healing.

Portals Into the Soul Event

Portals Into the Soul

Come along for a discovery odyssey, in which you explore for yourself these portals into the soul and the experiential discovery pathways offered to contact directly the sacred actuality of being human.