In Search of Wholeness
In Search of Wholeness

Aviv Shahar with Jenn Reilly and Forrest Wilson

June 14, 2023

Isn’t it curious the only species on the planet that appears concerned about or pursues the notion of “wholeness” is the human? Other highly intelligent and social animals — such as dolphins and elephants — show no evidence of feeling an inner fragmentation, separation from purpose, or impulse to connect with a source of higher intelligence.

The comparison might be a bit humorous, but it’s a uniquely human feeling to have somehow become separated from the regenerative and creative forces that should naturally flow through and connect us with each other, the planet, and cosmos. Defining wholeness is a challenge: integrating mind and body? The physical and spiritual? The personal and the universal? Or is it found in being joined to something greater?  

Why is a feeling of separation so common? Perhaps it’s the accumulated pain and trauma, personal and collective; technology in many forms replacing human faculties and intimacy; an education system that churns out interchangeable parts for vast economic engines, instead of naturally aware and aligned human beings.

In this conversation, we explore these inquiries and more. Aviv Shahar is joined by two next-gen leaders pioneering practical tools and assistance for creating less fragmented lives. Jenn Reilly founded Raising Wholeness, a new paradigm for parenting in wholeness, and Forrest Wilson, co-founder of Light in Action, an “incubator for consciousness” supporting projects and passion on the journey of wholeness.

Among their insights:

  • Permission was unlocked in the scientific revolution to separate and favor the exterior objective measure over interior forms of knowing. We need to reintegrate and become whole in ourselves.
  • We’re being initiated to give birth to the more universal potential of human life, which says all that happened until now was childhood and youth; we’re just reaching adulthood in the universe.
  • In these practical endeavors is the communal and network effect of more people and communities connecting and plugging and playing in the spaces of wholeness.
  • Education is creating ecosystems for happy, healthy and fulfilled human beings to thrive, to cultivate their curiosities, to pursue their passions, creating a more beautiful life.
  • By evolving and developing yourself, you become the best role model for your child.
  • There is something new in the universe birthing itself through us, needing to emerge through the struggle of this time, through contradiction, through being triggered with your child.

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It's no longer folklore or a mythological story — the mystery schools throughout the ages that spoke about a future time that will become the end of time that we have potentially reached. It is also the beginning of a new time, where human beings just like us all around the planet are waking up to what you're describing, as embodied wholeness, and are actually engaging in the most practical real way in that evolutionary work.

Aviv Shahar

Jenn Reilly

Jenn Reilly

Jenn Reilly, founder of Raising Wholeness, is a wholeness coach, workshop facilitator and mother of an inspiring tiny buddha. Jenn creates frameworks to help support restoring wholeness and shifting the paradigm of raising future generations. In addition, she curates healing communities and movements that are creating a way of being in the world. Her projects are Emerging Being, a community and ecosystem of people playing in emergence, she is the founder of Mystics Rising a podcast and community honoring the rising spiritual renaissance, and an associate coach and facilitator for Bridge Partnerships.

Visit: Raising Wholeness

Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson

Forrest facilitates and holds space for bodies, beings, and collectives to come into coherence through practicing presence, deepening into our essential wholeness, and sourcing our emerging future.

Visit: Light in Action


Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.

Visit: Aviv Consulting