The Power in Slowing Down: A Practice

with Paul Stone

November 10, 2022

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Benefits of this practice

Portals Practices are a wide array of activities and processes that can enhance wellbeing, inner balance, and harmony while promoting a greater sense of connection between our inner selves and the energies that fill our environment.


Practices are a means of taking steps to integrate our inner lives and awareness to support a flow and connection to our natural creative potential. We’re also tuning our lives into the greater intelligence, strength and support that is always available to us.

In this tuning practice, Portals friend and musician Paul Stone demonstrates the simple and deeply effective steps of slowing down — changing our habitual speed of motion and quieting the inner noise and distractions. It’s a refreshing and healing rebalance to the often extreme speeds and stress of modern culture, which damages our intactness and erodes our wellbeing and health.

Please feel free to share with us the feelings and benefits you registered with the slow motion or other Portals practices. This practice is part of the continuing Portals discovery into what is emerging on the frontiers of human experience in this time of profound change.

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  • Step 1: Clear a physical space around you for movement
  • Step 2: Register your inner state of being
  • Step 3: Begin walking/moving at your normal speeds
  • Step 4: After a few minutes, continue by slowing your speed by 1/2
  • Step 5: After a few minutes, slow your speed by 1/2 again
  • Step 6: Recalibrate and register your new state of being

When we live at less than our optimum, we're rarely able to be in the best of ourselves. This practice of slow motion movement can help remedy and begin to restore the internal balances and engender a much greater wellbeing. Our finer systems and faculties, many of which are normally latent, begin to switch on.

Paul Stone

Paul Stone

Paul Stone

I started playing piano at 5, having been enticed into practicing by my parents. Throughout my life I’ve been passionately interested and engaged with the domain of music; this has ranged from listening to and studying intently many kinds and styles of music and, as I’ve grown more seasoned (matured), composing, arranging, recording and engineering new music.

I believe that music, and other art forms as well, can offer translation and transference of refined essences and qualities. Helping to create ecologies or atmospheres where a special kind of nourishment, healing, and enlivenment can be experienced. This is the background and context for appreciating my experiments with creating and playing Essence Music. My engagement and endeavor quicken and deepen. I know that there are others similarly compelled and called to these regenerative realms, where everyone involved is enhanced and elevated. I hope our paths may cross!