Searing Moments and Their Transformational Power, Part 4: A Practice Emerging

Aviv Shahar with Jeff Vander Clute

December 17, 2021

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Throughout history, the great questions have been asked, and great research has been undertaken, always expanding the territory of the known by shining a light into the unknown. Where is that cutting edge today? And can a community of people from all over the world, each carrying their own unique journey of discovery, come together to inquire at the edge of purposeful evolution, through dialogue and interaction? We think it is possible, and we hope that you will choose to be a part of this exploration.

In this conversation about searing moments – the moments in our lives of profound meaning, positive or perhaps traumatic – we have been exploring practices that tap our capacity to update the significance and potential of past experiences and how we write those stories to ourselves.

An emerging practice is the ability to recognize a powerful emotional feeling as it appears that previously would have knocked us off balance, or off center. Instead of causing an imbalance, we can see the searing memory or emotion as a chance to rewrite and update the internal narrative about something that happened in the past, with forgiveness and with love - to see the teaching and developmental potential that it brings to us now as a freedom and healing.

Portals practices

You unlocked the inner Samurai, and it adds another dimension to the practice we just looked at. Sometimes you will heal something with love, embrace it. On other occasions, the silver sword of the Samurai will come and instantly separate something. It's not heated defiance, it's the ferocity of purpose, of what you know you're about, and your refusal to give way to lesser influences inhabiting the ecology that you are.

Aviv Shahar

Jeff Vander Clute

Jeff Vander Clute

Jeff Vander Clute coaches and consults, teaches, writes, and leads travel journeys.

He is a co-founder of Sourcing The Way, Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions, and The Consciousness of Money. Jeff is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and he serves on the board of directors for Alliance for the Earth and Source of Synergy Foundation (previous chair).

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.