The Time Between Worlds with Layman Pascal
The Time Between Worlds with Layman Pascal

Aviv Shahar with Layman Pascal

May 23, 2024
How do we reckon with a reckoning? We can look around at the many crises engulfing the planet and think that, yes, humanity is facing its day of reckoning, a time of consequences for many forms of unsustainable behavior throughout the modern era. The “twilight of the gods,” or unraveling of our inherited values and reality described in mythology and literature.

Can we find a path forward from reckoning to renewal? In a post-guru era, the search for new intelligence and insight doesn’t rely on any single external authority. We are inspired by gifted teachers, shamans, and enlightened companions, but this also is a time of distributed leadership.

Each one of us has the natural capacity to connect with a universal source of knowledge and creativity — homo universalis. Each one of us carries a piece of the puzzle that together form a clear image of a collective new future. Doesn’t it make sense to then together reckon new ways of creating community that liberate the best each has to offer?

We are fortunate to again have a gifted guide as we navigate our way through this shape-shifting new reality. This is the third conversation between Aviv Shahar and Layman Pascal, a leader in Integral thinking and teaching, and a prominent voice on the Integral Stage YouTube channel and podcast.

Among their insights:

  • We’re entrenched on this planet in patterns that are not accessing the spirit. We're not collectively mobilizing to solve the metacrisis. We need a new source of meaning and energy to mobilize outside our embedded patterns.
  • Merging and harmonizing different realms of experience produces an “extra,” greater than the sum of the parts. The extra is a pragmatic way to think about what spirituality and religion point toward.
  • We have to reckon with the fact the very instruments through which we are trying to solve our problems are generating another set of problems that are gaining on us very quickly.
  • We can't trust anything socially; we’re peripherally aware that we're not experiencing the same reality; the structure has been removed — a deeply uncanny and unsettling place to be; the time between worlds.
  • Our sense of a shared consensus reality has been undermined. Any voice, image, or reference material can be generated by machine tools; what could give us the sense of proof has been taken away from us.
  • We need to practice the emotional quality of trust individually, collectively and as a culture. There are many objective reasons to not trust our embedded systems, but we have a personal responsibility to be capable of trust.

This conversation is part of the continuing Portals discovery into what is emerging on the frontiers of human experience in this time of profound change. Information about upcoming special events can be found on the Events page. Also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We don't want to go backwards and lose any of our gains. But we have to reckon with the fact that the very instruments through which we are trying to solve our problems are generating another set of problems that are gaining on us very quickly.
Layman Pascal

Layman Pascal

Layman Pascal

Layman is a feral philosopher in Northern Ontario who is known for his work on the Metaphysics of Adjacency, the Integration Surplus Model & Planetary Shamanism. In the philosophical space around Integral Theory, he has developed the Coaxial Stages model, elaborated the dynamics of Metaprogressive Politics and foregrounded the ethical, relational, ecological and subconscious features of multidimensional developmental theories. He is the host of The Integral Stage podcast, senior teacher at the Metamodern Spirituality Retreats, co-editor of Perspectiva’s series Dispatches From a Time Between Worlds, co-chair of the Foundation for Integral Religion and Spirituality. He used to be a committed yoga and meditation instructor but he’s feeling much better now.
Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv serves as the Portals' sherpa. He curates transformational journeys and is a storyteller of the epochal evolution culminating at this time. Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.

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