8 Patterns of Transformation with Jose Leal
8 Patterns of Transformation with Jose Leal

Aviv Shahar with Jose Leal

June 6, 2024

What if the underlying natural intelligence and energy that help influence and shape nearly every aspect of our lives were actually identifiable patterns hiding in plain sight — visible in every domain of life to anyone with the eyes (perception) to see?

Underlying patterns that together point to a unified universal operating system or source code that is guiding the growth and evolution of our own life, humanity and the planet…and all the ways we connect and interact. Identifying the patterns can open greater possibility of living and working in harmony with, not contrary to, the rhythms of nature and life. 

Making space and time for the dynamic flow of life itself can transform a society and culture — all that we do, in the workplace, legal system, relationships and communities. How so?

We explore the guiding influence of usually unseen patterns and cycles in this conversation between Aviv Shahar and Jose Leal, a founding member of Society 2045, a gathering of visionaries imagining a future that supports and liberates the best of humanity. They first looked into their evolutionary crystal ball in the Portals conversation Imagine 2045.  

Among their current insights:

  • We put individuals to work in things that do not serve life, and they hate their work. The people who were meant to move life forward are being hijacked by the systems, and we create the crisis we have today.
  • We are in many ways thriving, and in many ways killing ourselves. The lack of recognition of the patterns of life is removing our energy from being in the flow of what life needs.
  • The new cycle and new patterns arising are an opportunity to build new organizations that will displace part of the current system and operate more closely to the living patterns.
  • Helping people become aware of the arising patterns is a psycho-activating catalyst that unlocks the energy, and facilitates the shift from the static and arresting to the fluid and integrated.
  • We can see each persons’ unique configuration in their fingerprint, in their eyes. It's a sacred fact that we show up here as a unique representation of life; it's not just a random thing.
  • A career is not just a projection or destination. I have certain capacities for certain things; if I lean into that, I'm dancing with purpose, to engage in the way that best serves life.
  • We are inter-dependent, as individuals, as life itself. It changes our understanding of what we're doing to and for each other. It fractures the idea of independence; any one individual cannot exist independent of the rest of nature.

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It's not about throwing out the static systems that have pre-existed; the thawing out of those systems will likely not happen very quickly. But it is creating new environments and new systems that are bound to the rhythms of life, that attract the people who are frozen in time to the freedom of those new environments.

Jose Leal

Jose Leal

Jose Leal

I've always created things. At age 16, I started an architectural drafting business. By 28, I had co-founded my third business — an early internet company acquired three years later by a media conglomerate. Somehow, I accidentally became the Vice President of the division.

After 13 years in the industry, I struggled to maintain my sense of self. I had lost sight of who I was. On a tearful flight back to Toronto from another round of layoffs, I decided to quit it all.

My recovery was long. I then spent seven years researching motivation and organizations, leading to Radical Purpose Dynamic, and co-authoring Radical Companies.

Movements are emerging due to the gap between humanity's current consciousness and what society affords us. I am working to make sense of what is arising and guiding individuals and movements towards interdependent living.

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Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv serves as the Portals' sherpa. He curates transformational journeys and is a storyteller of the epochal evolution culminating at this time. Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.

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