Current Openings: What the World Doesn’t Quite Get Yet – Esoteric Truth
Current Openings: What the World Doesn’t Quite Get Yet – Esoteric Truth

Aviv Shahar with David Price Francis

July 7, 2022

Welcome to the first conversation in a new Portals series: “Current Openings—What the World Doesn’t Quite Get Yet.” David Price Francis, author, spiritual teacher and co-founder of Energy Worlds, joins Aviv Shahar for this adventure. In the case of the title, “current” refers to the flow of energy that is part of the new evolutionary potential washing through humanity and the planet.

In this overture to what is to come, Aviv and David explore the intelligence and universal awareness appearing in this time of profound change - guided by the wisdom and perceptions of three Portals friends: the ‘teric’ sisters—esoteric, mesoteric and exoteric.

The sisters have much to show us as we journey away from an external exoteric worldview grounded in a shifting and chaotic landscape. It’s where personal or collective change can even be viewed as a sign of conspiracy among unseen, unfriendly forces trying to shape our lives. While the elder esoteric sister gently points the way to a larger truth of the innate human connection to the highest levels of universal understanding, and potential for real transformation.

Given the sometimes scary state of world affairs, how can we accelerate the perceptual journey from an unstable external reality to an inner knowing of limitless possibility and wellbeing?

Among the questions and perceptions the world doesn’t quite get yet:

  • Any larger truth must be evidence-based in how the universe actually works—the logos or logic or natural laws pervading and animating the universe
  • With the psychological, does a person want to be more psycho or logical? Psyche is aligned to our personal bias, but logical is connecting to the original universal logos
  • We need to understand the role that energetics play in human behavior, human psychology. When two people come together, we literally pass ions backwards and forwards
  • There is increasing evidence to support the journey toward the esoteric greater truth, which is a key difference between real esoteric core understanding and conspiratorial thinking
  • As we get closer to the core, it actually gets simpler; no complex mathematical formulas as we head toward the esoteric
  • The reason people sometimes are prone to explore conspiracies is because of feeling disenfranchised, or overwhelmed, or confused, or simply feeling their life is not in their control
  • The moment a person asks the question ‘why?’ is potentially the beginning of engaging the esoteric life
  • We're conduits or portals through which new perceptions pass, which means we don't flavor them; it’s being transparent for real

This conversation is part of the continuing Portals discovery into what is emerging on the frontiers of human experience in this time of profound change. Information about upcoming special events can be found on the Events page. Also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The journey towards that esoteric core is the journey toward greater truth, as I see it, and it totally fits with the idea of the truth of human existence. And something that goes with that, from my own experience, is increasing evidence to support it.

David Price Francis

David Price Francis

David Price Francis

David Price Francis helps individuals, couples, and groups understand and improve the quality of energy in their personal lives and relationships using techniques and strategies that he has successfully developed in private practice working with clients for over forty years. He is the author of Go With The Glow: From Psychological Pain to Spiritual Happiness; Partners in Passion: How To Positively Transform the Energies in all Your Relationships; The Tales of Dr. Woo: A Journey into Truth; and a 10-part online course, “The Human Aura: A Practical Introduction To Your Personal Energy Field.”

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.