Current Openings #11 – The Application Conundrum
Current Openings #11 – The Application Conundrum

Aviv Shahar with David Price Francis

September 7, 2023

Where can the human Big Bang be found? It is: You become what you apply yourself to. It’s not just a different angle on the familiar phrase of becoming what we think about; it goes much deeper.

Application happens when we bring intention and purpose to focus our energy, knowledge and passion to achieve what we most value in life; to turn learning into action; to transform our physical, earthly reality and shape our universal future as it shapes us.

Great. But how? Applying ourselves with intention to transform our lives means unifying the action of our head, heart and hands in a self-chosen direction. In other words, we need to know what we want. It’s the first step in creating an ecology where higher intelligence and connections can find us and help our development.

In deciding how and where to begin, help is already available. This conversation marks the start of a new series in the Portals feature “Current Openings: What the World Doesn’t Quite Get Yet.” Aviv Shahar and David Price Francis are leading into “The Human Development Challenge,” which builds upon the many insights, knowledge and practices in the first ten Current Openings.

The Challenge will take us deeper into the esoteric knowledge at the heart of our universal nature and possibility, such as with the conundrum of applying our learning in a way that supports our evolutionary journey. Among the insights:

  • The harvesting principle says anything the universe learns or new capacity it develops can be downloaded to everyone: the universe runs an open-source operating system.
  • The development challenge is inviting us to opt-in, to self-elect, to recognize that for us learning is exquisitely awesome. We define ourselves by what we learn.
  • Einstein focused 95% of his attention on a problem to discover the solution. Here we’re not aiming for a single solution, but to create an ecology where multiple answers can find us.
  • If we focus on learning alone without applying the knowledge, we never quite live the full potential and truth, which is what brings higher intelligence and connection.
  • We can actually choose to learn, which is an amazing human specialty. Nothing else on Earth can decide to study something beyond its basic programming.
  • The cycle of life is from potential to actualization; from intention to realization; from learning to application. What is learning? Without application, it's an incomplete journey.

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Most people, when they face a challenge or a problem, just want to solve it, sometimes obsessively. It's quite natural. I have trained myself to, instead of looking for a solution, become curious and generative about creating the pathway that will get me to the place where multiple solutions can find me. This is not merely a play on words; it is a different worldview, a different strategy, a different way of engaging in the opportunities of living.
Aviv Shahar

David Price Francis

David Price Francis

David Price Francis helps individuals, couples, and groups understand and improve the quality of energy in their personal lives and relationships using techniques and strategies that he has successfully developed in private practice working with clients for over forty years. He is the author of Go With The Glow: From Psychological Pain to Spiritual HappinessPartners in Passion: How To Positively Transform the Energies in all Your RelationshipsThe Tales of Dr. Woo: A Journey into Truth; and a 10-part online course, “The Human Aura: A Practical Introduction To Your Personal Energy Field.” 

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Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation. Visit: Aviv Consulting