All Things Connected: A Conversation with Dr. Julie Krull, Part One
All Things Connected: A Conversation with Dr. Julie Krull, Part One

Aviv Shahar with Dr. Julie Krull

June 23, 2022

One of the most clear and compelling voices across the wide landscape of personal and collective transformation is Dr. Julie Krull, author, mentor, and radio host whose “superpowers” of consciousness and creativity bring new insight to the journey of wholeness and healing.

Julie hosts the weekly radio program and podcast The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected. Her book Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace, and Healing for Yourself and the World challenges an outdated worldview that has long fostered a sense of separation and fear among people and communities.

Julie’s passionate belief in connected consciousness embraces the core understanding that we are not separate from the creative intelligence that designed the universe. The imperative is to embody this conscious integration and co-create a future where humanity and the planet are both enhanced in a mutual destiny.

In part one of a two-part conversation with Aviv Shahar, Julie reflects on the insights and new learnings that have emerged from radio show dialogues with thought leaders and other remarkable guests from around the world, including:

  • Healing means to make whole again, but we're not going back to something. We literally are healing and transforming forward to something new
  • Science is showing us we're part of this universe; I’m going to say divinely creative—it brings science and spirituality back together. It's whole and unitive and can’t be separated
  • Every branch of science—cosmology, evolution, biology, consciousness studies, developmental psychology—converge and show how this false belief in separation created the world as we know it, and it’s literally breaking down
  • We have this unified field of consciousness, and life emerges and materializes from this new understanding of information at the center of the universe
  • Imagine our definition of wholeness isn't mind, body, spirit anymore; it’s understanding we are nested within whole living systems, within a whole living system
  • We can trace the effects of five waves of transformation over the last 60 years, from New Age tribalism to intentional communities, the internet, and the new integration of the 2020s
  • We can see science and evolutionary biology, the environment, and spirituality rising and merging against a backdrop of the metamodern movement and the liminal web
  • We need to think bigger than we've ever thought before
  • What would it be like to live so fully in a flow state that the Unified Field of Consciousness is our default, our preferred and normal, playground? This is the invitation
  • As I create greater coherence, and we create coherence together, we enter the miracle zone where what we can imagine is only the beginning, because we can't even imagine everything that's coming

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    When we study super organisms on the planet it's not just all life now, it really is future generations. So we're moving from a species of late adolescence into early adulthood. And our imperative is to create cooperative communities that care for all life and future generations.

    Dr. Julie Krull

    Dr. Julie Krull

    Dr. Julie Krull

    Dr. Julie Krull serves as a midwife for the evolution of consciousness, whole systems transformation, and a whole worldview. Working with evolutionary change-agents, she’s a best-selling, Nautilus Award-winning author, international speaker, creative catalyst, popular host of The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, and Founder of Good of the Whole.

    Aviv Shahar

    Aviv Shahar

    Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.