Why Are Things the Way They Are: A Contemplation of the Changing Universe

Created by Mona Martin, Paul Stone, and Patrick Summers

July 2, 2021
A contemplation

A contemplation is very different from a lecture, a conversation, a story or any other form of presenting ideas and information. A contemplation can help us expand into a subject or territory and allow us to think about things in new and different ways.

A contemplation can engage our mentality and our brain in a process that can lead to deeper understandings and new perceptions.

Why Things Are the Way They Are combines words, art, photographs and original music in an effort to provide a unique approach to considering the expanding universe - and our own possible role in shaping a new future.

Pause for a moment, perhaps take a few centering breaths, and begin.

Mona Martin

Mona Martin

I have always been attracted by the mysteries of what I did not know, what’s been lost, what’s been hidden.

It drove me to set my feet on a path to find out how things work, what caused them, how are they connected…

How did they happen, what does it mean for the human being,  how did we get to where we are today - and where exactly are we today?

…… a delightful pathway of discovery that does not end.

Paul Stone

Paul Stone

I started playing piano at 5, having been enticed into practicing by my parents. Throughout my life I’ve been passionately interested and engaged with the domain of music; this has ranged from listening to and studying intently many kinds and styles of music and, as I’ve grown more seasoned (matured), composing, arranging, recording and engineering new music.

I believe that music, and other art forms as well, can offer translation and transference of refined essences and qualities. Helping to create ecologies or atmospheres where a special kind of nourishment, healing, and enlivenment can be experienced.

This is the background and context for appreciating my experiments with creating and playing Essence Music. My engagement and endeavor quicken and deepen. I know that there are others similarly compelled and called to these regenerative realms, where everyone involved is enhanced and elevated. I hope our paths may cross!

Patrick Summers

Patrick Summers

A seeker of the special places. Early on I used to enjoy sitting in certain churches after the service had ended and sensing what felt like fine, special atmospheres. Something was around I could feel but couldn’t see. The same with walks in nature and wilderness. The serenity and sense of healing felt connected to something deeper and finer in the earth, trees, flora and fauna. A type of energy? The planet’s soul?

I also began to sense what might be called the special places within, the inner lives and capabilities that can help us perceive and connect to finer sources of light and healing and knowledge all around us. Across the planet and into the universe; we’re all connected.

So many journeys of discovery. Shall we proceed?