Portals of Possibility

Aviv Shahar with Jane Goodman and Peter Barry

January 3, 2021
exploring human purpose and possibility

Aviv: The core premise of our conversation is that we don't claim to know what we are doing. Rather, we are engaged in the discovery of what we do, and the purpose, and the insight, and the revelation that is appearing in an emergent fashion through the conversation. It’s a lot more attractive than assuming that we already have the answers and we are simply playing out the enactment of what we know.

And so this conversation is just another one of those searching to trace and discover, through the conversation itself, where it wants to go and how it informs us and inspires us with its own intelligence. And we felt that some of the threads that we captured live in the conversation we wanted to keep and share with you here on Portals of Perception.

Jane: There's a question to do with this website as a platform endeavor of, what was the propulsion from your life from where it began? What was the propulsion for this, as well as where are you now? Is it the same? Has it moved on? Does it have different features? And when we look into the further future, what do you envision it to be?

Aviv: So these are four or five questions, yes?

Jane: Of course.

Aviv: All right. And implicit in the way you frame the question is an inquiry about purpose, and about vision, yes?

Jane: Yes!

I feel that we have entered a phase shift that has been building over the decades. And I feel that right now it is culminating. That phase shift is reaching a convergence point where it will ultimately release new possibilities, new permissions - it's about to transform our world, is transforming our world, will transform our world, will be transformative for the human experience, human consciousness, and its evolutionary trajectory. And I feel that there are many fascinating and rich conversations in that vein happening in all sorts of places.

And I sense that we have something to contribute to this conversation. And, to discover what it is that we have to contribute, we actually need to be part of the conversation.

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.

Jane Goodman

Jane Goodman

From the time of childhood I've been driven to understand how the human was meant to be.

This has guided me in knowing how to interact in this world. The inroads I continue to explore are through the sciences of behaviors and ways of giving service to others, which  build filaments of qualities that nourish the tree of humanity rooted in the purpose of life.

Some of the branches that have been nurtured are community, leadership and meaningful communication.

Peter Barry

Peter Barry

I don't think I can remember a time when I wasn't asking, Why am I here? Or wondering, What is the purpose of life? Seeking not so much to simply solve the mystery, but rather to find the settlement that comes from knowing one's place, and finding one's home, in this great unfolding.

Perhaps, then, one can become part of the living process, which sets one free to go out into the world and discover what is new, what is needed, and ask the question: How can I help?