Music: An Exploratory Space

With Emmy Schaling, Amos Edelstein, Aud Wilken and Paul Stone

April 14, 2022
the co-creative power of life

For as long as humans have been on Earth, there has been music. Every style and form, with instruments as varied as humans themselves, and creative expression from the highly religious to the playful and sensuous. But does the long history of our musical experience mean there is nothing new to be discovered? Is the music we hear and feel today in its many expressions all there will ever be?

Portals brought together a group of accomplished musicians from around the world to lead Music: An Exploratory Space, a special event that attracted a diverse gathering of music lovers and the music curious. In a series of experiments with sound and form and frequency, the group began a new discovery of what music can become in the future. What role

can music play in elevating and even transforming a human life and humanity? How can we tune and experience ourselves as a human instrument?

Join the explorers as they begin to unlock the magic and mysteries of music. Among their insights:

  • You don't need to be a Mozart, an Elvis, or any other popular musician. Each person can play their unique music as distinctive as their fingerprints
  • Music is not notes and sounds; it's not only the way we perceive it through our ears. Music comes from something else
  • Music is a universal language, and a great place of healing
  • It's something so powerful the ancient Greeks put music as one of the five sciences and arts every human should learn as part of the platform of life
  • What about the greatest organism of all that we live on, Planet Earth? If animal life and trees and plants are influenced by water and music, maybe the planet itself is influenced by music
  • Many approaches to music focus on the outer aspects, like pitch, rhythm, and sounds, which is fun. We’re looking at what's going on inside
  • Music moves us in more than just special moments. It can be a conscious medium to facilitate, elevate, and uplift people and humanity in a time of change
  • Music can be a conduit of energy and essence that allows a deep connection to the language and soul of a land and country
  • What is the inner music within the music? The vibrations that cause something inside, and that can be transferred to another person via the medium we call music
  • Imagine a world without music. Painful, isn't it?

The music exploration is one of the special events that, together with our conversations, are part of the ongoing discovery into what is emerging on the frontiers of human experience in this time of profound change. More upcoming special events can be found on the Events page.

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This initial exploration into music is not a concert, not a performance, but more is a way of coming out of the unique passion... with music and its transformative properties. This event is about generating a space of listening, of appreciation, of healing and possibility. When we create that space, we are less likely to be hurting each other. We are producing an impact beyond even the moment if we share and transmit these senses and sentiments to the world at large. And music can offer us a conductive medium and access point to feelings, to states, and to connective atmospheres.

Aviv Shahar

Paul Stone

Paul Stone

I started playing piano at 5, having been enticed into practicing by my parents. Throughout my life I’ve been passionately interested and engaged with the domain of music; this has ranged from listening to and studying intently many kinds and styles of music and, as I’ve grown more seasoned (matured), composing, arranging, recording and engineering new music.

I believe that music, and other art forms as well, can offer translation and transference of refined essences and qualities. Helping to create ecologies or atmospheres where a special kind of nourishment, healing, and enlivenment can be experienced. This is the background and context for appreciating my experiments with creating and playing Essence Music. My engagement and endeavor quicken and deepen. I know that there are others similarly compelled and called to these regenerative realms, where everyone involved is enhanced and elevated. I hope our paths may cross!


Aud Wilken

Aud Wilken

It has always moved me deeply that the human can process such a myriad of life, so many things, and in so many ways.

To be in charge of the sensitive machinery that can feel, think, listen, absorb, know, and create.  To come to know Life more intimately. To offer response - perhaps with music or poetry - to what is being felt and witnessed.  How to best tune oneself to accurately translate and be with all of this without shrinking it? To offer it one’s best, with great trust in the senses and by practicing often - alone, and with others - to give voice to Life as it moves in and through and between us all.

Many small offerings, so more beauty, more truth and more goodness can land and grow.

Emmy Schaling

Emmy Schaling

I’ve been moved by music from childhood. A musician who discovers the possibilities of the voice, and the instrument she has been educated in, the cello, and who is on a journey of finding out how mindset and connection can bring about a blessing of new music, new experience,  and new feelings in self and others: binding, helping, curing.

Amos Edelstein

Amos Edelstein

I started to play music as a child and continued throughout school, including graduating from the Music Academy. Music was always a wonder, as it integrated various aspects inside me as a human. It has the power to entice and attract people at different levels in themselves. I have experienced the power and influence of music on individuals and on groups of people. I have a great belief in music’s ability to act as a universal bridge between people of different walks of life, as well as between the abstract, or spiritual life, and carnal life.