Leadership as an Agency of Assistance and Easement, Part Four

Aviv Shahar with Theodora Papanastasatou, Perry Martin, Jane Goodman, and Liz Halter

January 7, 2022
unlocking potential

In this conversation we’ve been learning how to discover the emergent version of ourselves, the new us that we don't yet know but are looking to release. Along the way we are gaining insight into the core question of how we choose to live our lives.

How do we, as people, come together as families, as communities, as networks? How do we use our talents and capabilities to produce better results and become more effective in collaborating, while at the same time discovering if competition and collaboration are indeed in conflict?

We're seeking to describe some of the core elements, the core principles, which anybody can pick up and use to develop their own self-tailored, self-designed leadership philosophy. Central to self-leadership is the function of discernment, of being tethered

to ourselves, of being in touch with our principals and our values. We are forever in the arena with other people and forever pulled in many directions. Self-leadership is being able to refine, time and again, inside the cacophony that may constantly distract us from our self-chosen journey or endeavors.

As we have seen, leadership is not a simple algorithm; it has many different dimensions and facets, and it is situational. It is sometimes personal, sometimes generational, sometimes pulling us into unknown dimensions.

An aspect of leadership has to do with pioneering into new opportunities. The key for me has been in the decision making: if I say I want to do this and it has certain advantages and disadvantages and difficulties and opportunities, I need to decide if I want to do this and why. Then it’s a building block, a center of gravity to come back to, especially when it's not so pleasant, or it's not so comfortable, or the outcome is not as expected. Then you have to keep trying because this is one of the key features of human potential – to make a decision and stick to it.

Theodora Papanastasatou

Jane Goodman

Jane Goodman

From the time of childhood I've been driven to understand how the human was meant to be.

This has guided me in knowing how to interact in this world. The inroads I continue to explore are through the sciences of behaviors and ways of giving service to others, which  build filaments of qualities that nourish the tree of humanity rooted in the purpose of life.

Some of the branches that have been nurtured are community, leadership and meaningful communication.

Perry Martin

Perry Martin

The theme of being a representative of the hopes and dreams of those lives whom have gone before became a constant companion to me, as it became clear that I may be unique in all the world, but never would my life be alone. We are dependent on each other as a humanity

This taught me a very deep lesson: a human's life is not to be lived for only one purpose, but can fulfill many purposes. And ever-refining new purpose can reveal itself - if one is open. We, after all, are a multi-faceted assembly of many lives.

Liz Halter

Liz Halter

I have always loved being outdoors in nature, in gardens, feeling the wonder looking up at the stars. This came hand in hand with a close affinity to the Native Americans and their respect and honor for the planet and nature, the elements and the seasons.

Another level of this passion has been a lifelong quest to find the way of the natural human.  I found that there is a tendency to want to go back to the earth, or to the ways of the ancients. While there is certainly wisdom to be carried forward, it isn’t really possible to go back, and it isn’t really the answer.

We need new ways for new times and I believe we as humans are equipped to discover the ways that will allow us to live authentically, in harmony, with purpose and hope in today’s world.

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.