Companionship – a song
Companionship – a song

by Aud Wilken

December 22, 2022
Companionship - a song


At Portals we like to talk about, think about, wonder about the important qualities and questions in life. At this time, during the magic of a seasonal transition into a new year and the coming together of families and friends to celebrate life, we offer this gift of song from our friend and artist Aud Wilken. We hope you enjoy!


This is our second year with the generous offering of song from Aud. Listen here to Life Speaking, and hear her discussion of music and the creative process.


Companionship - a song


Where's a good place to fall

if you feel a fall coming?

Where should you be

whom should you call

and what could you summon?

What kind of friends and what kind of space?

if you can’t explain it, will they read your face?


Sometimes just for a moment,

we might lose our strength and our hope,

And need for someone or something else to help us cope.

For sure don’t make a meal of it at all,

But everyone needs a safe place to fall.


Where’s a good place to rise

if you feel something growing?

Which seeds in you are the ones,

that truly are showing?

What kind of thoughts

and what kind of common or uncommon ground,

what kind of conversation and exchange

can be found?


Sometimes in just the right moment

we might step into unknown tracks,

And need for someone or something else

to not hold us back.

Looking at each other

with fresh eyes and without fear,

can allow something new to safely appear,

can allow something new to safely appear.




© Words and music by Aud Wilken, video by Portals of Perception

Aud Wilken

Aud Wilken

It has always moved me deeply that the human can process such a myriad of life, so many things, and in so many ways.

To be in charge of the sensitive machinery that can feel, think, listen, absorb, know, and create.  To come to know Life more intimately. To offer response - perhaps with music or poetry - to what is being felt and witnessed.  How to best tune oneself to accurately translate and be with all of this without shrinking it? To offer it one’s best, with great trust in the senses and by practicing often - alone, and with others - to give voice to Life as it moves in and through and between us all.

Many small offerings, so more beauty, more truth and more goodness can land and grow.