A Conversation with Dr. Keith Witt, Part 2: How to Love and Evolve
A Conversation with Dr. Keith Witt, Part 2: How to Love and Evolve

Aviv Shahar with Dr. Keith Witt

August 31, 2023

Just how important are relationships, really, to our health and happiness? What about to our sense of emotional and spiritual growth and fulfillment? We can trace the influence of intimacy on human development through evolution all the way back to the Big Bang. Humans are social in a way unlike anything else in the universe.

The complexity, beauty and possibility of the many forms of human relationships have been a life-long passion and pursuit of Dr. Keith Witt, pioneering integral psychotherapist, author and teacher. We met Dr. Keith in the first part of his conversation with Aviv Shahar, on the hero’s journey from “Trauma to Transcendence”.

In part two of their conversation, Dr. Keith traces his own healing journey through early trauma, and the influence of the martial arts in his embrace of the complementary natures of the warrior and the healer. He reveals the inspiration behind his teaching and writing, and the experiences that helped form his core understanding that “everything is relationships”.

Along the way, Dr. Keith also has deepened awareness of many dimensions of the human’s higher, universal nature and the ongoing evolution of consciousness. Among his insights, professional and personal:

  • If we feel shame, return to the core value and either follow it, discard it, or modify and grow it to better fit what we believe is beautiful, good and true in the present moment. This is how moral systems grow.
  • Research shows that having a secure primary relationship — taking care of your friendship and your love affair, resolving issues with each other — leads to the happiest, healthiest humans and families.
  • In revealing the power of belief, research shows that the form of treatment isn’t as crucial as the therapist or practitioner doing something they believe in; clients or patients get healthier.
  • Is there a spiritual impulse in teaching or therapy? To the extent you understand the secrets of the universe, and don't share them, you suffer. It’s distressing not to share what we believe to be effective.
  • Attunement is the organizing principle; it’s being aware with acceptance and caring intent, first of ourselves — our breath, sensations, emotion, thoughts, judgment and desire.
  • Fields exist outside of us that send flashes of insight through dreams and ideas. We access them when we surrender ourselves to service and to the beautiful, good and true.

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If a couple cherishes each other, are grateful for each other, and put attention into their friendship, their love affair, and their ability to resolve and to heal injuries, they do great. They are the masters of intimacy.

Dr. Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist, lecturer and author dedicated to studying, teaching, and creating transformative healing systems. I’ve been practicing psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California for over 40 years.

I decided to become a psychotherapist at the early age of 15, when I entered therapy myself and realized it was, in many ways, a natural language––a native tongue––to me. I knew immediately that I wanted to participate and contribute, not just as a client but also as therapist and teacher. I’ve been exploring and following that instinct ever since.

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Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar

Aviv is the Founder of Aviv Consulting, helping leaders unleash strategic innovation, and is the author of Create New Futures: How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation.

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