COVID-19 Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Leslie Hershberger and Corey deVos

May 29, 2020

Leslie Hershberger And Corey Devos

We have been taking a careful look at the Coronavirus pandemic (and our individual and collective responses to it) in recent weeks — a tour through the four quadrants of anti-fragility with Ken Wilber, the multiple stages of meaning-making with Beena Sharma and Susanne Cook-Greuter, the call to compassionate leadership with Diane Musho Hamilton, the various psychological impacts and traumas with Dr. Keith, and many others. This week we wanted to take what seems like the next logical step: exploring our responses to COVID-19 through the lens of the Enneagram.

Which is why I really wanted to invite my dear friend Leslie Hershberger to do a special show with me, so we can explore the rich territory of the Integral Enneagram and the many ways it can help us make better sense of all that is happening around us. How are different types dealing with these new life conditions that are being imposed upon us all? What are the different coping strategies and pain points and opportunities for transformation? How can the Integral Enneagram help us bring more care, compassion, and connection to our own integral family? Watch this very special episode to find out.