“This effort is to contribute to the
story of human development -
into the future”

These are times of change, an evolutionary change, one that is quickly, shape-shifting the world. And so, as a response to this process, our effort is to contribute to the story of human development and, specifically, human development into the future. We're looking to do so by creating conversations at the frontier of our individual, and collective, experiences, which is where we believe evolution takes place: the edge of coming to know and understand what we are experiencing and how we're evolving as humans. The idea here is that we believe that each person represents a portal of possibility, individually, and as part of something greater.

And what that therefore says is that each human, each one of us, by design, can become an active portal - implying that most of the time we are dormant. We can actually become a gate, or an entry point, can actually become a gate, or an entry point, of new knowledge and insight. And that is how we participate, how we contribute, to the evolutionary process as it arises, through our intentions, our connections, through increasing intelligence and expression. And so, what is it we intend to do here is to bring these ideas to life, through conversation, through a dialogue, with experts, with people on the frontiers of the human development journey. We will focus on inquiries and practices that emerge through those experiences. Ultimately, our aim is to discover, decode and inspire, as we explore beyond the already fashioned, beyond the already known, through those conversations become intentional

Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar is the Founder of Aviv Consulting and helps leaders create new futures by unleashing strategic innovation.

“That's The Beginning Of That Inquiry,
Because A Map Is No Good If You
Don't Know Where You Are”

participants in the co-creating, and the enabling, of hopefully a better, more livable future. So, where does perception fall into this media? There's all kinds of other things you
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acceptance and rejection, support and resistance, encouragement and caution. So, when anything appears here, it will, right through the moment of its appearance will have
then its interior and exterior frontiers and ultimately we'll have to grow, or die.