Portals of Perception Videos

In the course of editing and curating the conversations for Portals, we often create short videos to capture some of the magic of the longer format version as a way to highlight what has transpired.

In many of these videos we have added related images, and we have even had original music created to evoke the essence in some of these "trailers."

We've brought these videos together here as a place to browse and get a quick sense of what might be found by watching or listening to the full recording. We hope you enjoy them! You can also find our conversations and videos on YouTube channel.

Life Speaking - A Song

Life Speaking, Song and Lyrics by Aud Wilken - a music video
Perhaps there is a universal sense that we all yearn to make contact with something that will allow us to feel the flow of life, and to let life speak to us and speak through us.
Watch the conversation about the inspiration behind the song here
Video Production and Copyright by PortalsofPerception.org

Art as an Evolving Conversation

True art is not a finished object but an ongoing evolving process that creates new connections and an open inner space where we can feel deeper intimacy with life.

With music by Paul Stone

Listen to the full conversation here

Leadership as an Agency of Assistance and Easement

We’re inviting you into a larger inquiry about the role of leadership in living a life of meaning and purpose, learning and development.

This excerpt has a music soundtrack by Paul Stone.

Experience the full conversation here

The Poetry of Transformation: Artistic Short

Poetry is a pathway to express and feel the deep, inner journey of change, rebirth and expanding consciousness at the heart of personal and collective transformation.

With music by Edward Dowrick.

Discover the full episode here

Chivalry in a Postmodern World - An Introduction

Courage, honor, loyalty and standing up for what you believe in: can we reimagine a code of conduct to serve something higher, and to create a better future for humanity?

Find the full conversation here

The Human as a Fountain of Encouragement and Hope: Preview

This conversation is especially important today because we find ourselves through a time of trial and challenge and tribulation all around the world. Also, we find ourselves needing to search and to find those properties of strength, confidence, and conviction - that we can pick ourselves up and start again in the face of tremendous cynicism and derision and all sorts of impressions that come our way in life, from all sorts of sources.

Explore the full conversation here

Excerpt: The Human as Weaver of Part to Part

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of new inventions or new ideas. Humans have been pushing the envelope of what is possible since the dawn of history, when they first created tools to help them reach a desired result more efficiently and easily.

This is one of the mechanisms that propels us into our future: the marriage of what already exists to something that exists only in the synaptic pathways of a curious and active mind.

With music soundtrack by Edward Dowrick.

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Welcome to Portals of Perception

Here is our first video, created as an introduction to the site. And still one of our favorites!